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2020 31 Day Blog Challenge - Ready, Set, GO!

Hi there! Thanks for stopping in. I'm doing something a little different for this month - December 2020. I've joined a bunch of other quilt bloggers in daily blog challenge sponsored by Cheryl "muppin" Sleboda. (I'll add the link at the bottom so you can follow all the other amazing quilters too!

Day One - Introduction

If you've wandered thru my website you may already know a little about me, but let me fill in a few holes. (Here's a recent picture to right, along with a favorite quilt I made for spice.)

I was born and raised in Kansas City (born on the Missouri side, raised on the Kansas side so I get to claim BOTH states). Sewing was pretty much going to be a no-brainer for me since nearly every woman in my family does some kind of stitching. I started on the apparel sewing side, and then eased into costumes in high school and throughout college. I even have a dozen or so costume designer creds to my name for a few theatres in the Kansas City area.

My love of fabric - not to mention my huge fabric stash - was supported and cultivated during the 10 years I worked a Joanns. It was here I stumbled upon the first quilting book I ever purchased, and my journey down quilting began. (I blogged about this book in a previous post, but I'll give you a hint anyways; see left.)

Since then I've explored paper piecing, English paper piecing, modern quilting, applique, and a slew of classes from various teachers, both in-person and online.

After meeting my partner in crime, we left Kansas City for various parts unknown... California, Pennsylvania, New York... we've had eight addresses in ten years. All along quilting has been a joy and comfort to me. While living in Pittsburgh, PA, I joined my first guild; an amazing and diverse group of women in the Pittsburgh Modern Quilt Guild. It was a great experience that expanded my more traditional viewpoint into a wider world filled with different techniques and concepts. A year ago, the hubby's job brought us back to the Albany, NY area, and I've happily joined two guilds here to continue my education, and even sit on the board for one of them. (If you've never joined a guild I highly encourage you to give it try; the community is awesome and your brain will overflow with inspiration.)

Also while in Pittsburgh, I started learning the ins-and-outs of longarm quilting on a Handi-Quilter Amara. I was even given the opportunity to learn to be a tech for these big machines. Sadly, when we moved I thought I'd have to leave behind my new found addiction, but found a lovely store just north of Albany who rents out HQs; check out Adirondack Quilts in South Glen Falls if you're ever in the area. When I'm not in my quilt lab, I'm helping out at the shop on weekends, and even tagging along as an assistant to their tech for longarm installations and repairs. It's a pretty good gig!

So that's me in a nutshell... be sure to explore my website for quilt eye candy and updates. I'll add a few links below - and remember I don't get any kickback from these sites, I just want to make your life easier.

Thanks for dropping by, gotta get back to my quilt lab!


To see the other quilters doing this crazy blog challenge, to go:

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Adirondack Quilts, South Glen Falls, NY:

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