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Show Us Your Scraps

Only a few days left of the December blog challenge. (Check out the link below for details on the challenge.) Today's prompt is all about fabric scraps. Here's mine...

I'm sure there are a bunch of quilters out there who have a hard time throwing out fabric. And I'm no exception. What you see above is the current contents of my "keep scraps" bag. I also have a "donate scraps" bag as well that gets donated to a group who uses fabric to stuff pillows for dog and cat beds for local shelters. Very little fabric actually gets thrown away; especially after I learned about how much waste there is the fabric industry. (That's an interesting rabbit hole to go down if you get bored.)

This assortment of scraps will eventually get pressed and sorted, then run through the AccuQuilt cutting system. I trim down fabric to three unfinished sizes: 2.5 inch squares, 4 inch squares, and 2.5 inch strips.

I got the idea to trim down to usable sizes from an episode of The StitchTV show; no longer in production, but you can still find the episodes on YouTube. The idea is, if the scrap fabric is already in usable sizes then they'll be easy to grab for quick projects. And it really has been a big help. I've cranked out a couple quick baby quilts by grabbing a panel and adding blocks around it to fill out the size. And I use the long strips for scrappy binding or making jelly roll rugs.

Someday, I'll actually color sort them as well; and I may need a bigger scrap box but for now, this is what's working for me.

What do you do with your scraps? Need more ideas what you can do with the scrap pile in your quilt lab? Click the link below to see what other quilters are doing!

Until next time, my friends! Gotta get back to the quilt lab!


To see who else is participating in the blog challenge, click here:

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