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Fun Stuff is where I'll post other things quilty that don't necessarily fit on other pages, and probably non-quilty things too.  Browse and enjoy!

I'm an EQ8 (Electric Quilt) user.  Each month they release a free fabric download; and there's often design challenges on their website.  So for practice, I've been flexing my computery design skills.  See below and enjoy!

Badge-DesignEQ8 (1).png
FOTM March 2021
Fabric of the Month - March 2021
Collections: Chinoiserie Garden
Designer: Sandy Lynam Clough
Manufacturer: P&B Textiles
FOTM Feb 2021
Fabric of the Month - Feb 2021
Collection: Rose Whispers
Designer: Eleanor Burn
Manufacturer: Benartex
FOTM Jan 2021
Fabric of the Month - January 2021
Collection: Coco Chic
Designer: Reed Johnson
Manufacturer: QT Fabrics
FOTM  Dec 2020
Fabric of the Month - December 2020
Collection: First Snowfall
Designer & Manufacturer: Hoffman
FOTM Nov 2020
Fabric Of The Month - Nov 2020
Collection: Pure Solids
Designer & Manufacturer: Art Gallery Fabrics
FOTM Oct 2020
Fabric of the Month - October 2020
Collection: Good Vibes
Designer: Christa Watson
Manufacturer: Benartax
FOTM Sept 2020
Fabric of the Month - September 2020
Collection: Illuminations
Designer: Dan Morris
Manufacturer: QT Fabrics
FOTM August 2020
Fabric of the Month -August 2020
Collection: Sommerville
Designer: Maywood Studio
Manufacturer: Maywood Studio
FOTM July 2020
Fabric of the Month - July 2020
Collection: Pin Drop
Designer: Christopher Thompson
Manufacturer: Riley Blake Designs
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