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I'm available to teach the following classes currently on a Zoom/virtual format.  In-person workshops will re-commence once state guidelines allow.  Please contact me for further details.

Electric Quilt 8: Basics

The class is for the person who's never touched EQ8. It covers the main screen and focuses on how to design simple quilts using the block library.  This is a 2-hour class taught via Zoom.

Electric Quilt 8: Advanced Layouts - in development

Once you know the basics, now it's time to explore the more advanced quilt layout.  Discover the possibilities on-point, vertical and horizontal layouts have to offer and so much more.

Electric Quilt 8: Modern Quilting - in development

Use EQ8 to design modern quilts.

Electric Quilt 8: Block Design - in development

Explore block creation in EQ8.  Learn how to manipulate blocks from the program library and create your own unique blocks for quilt design.

Jelly Roll Rug by RJ Designs
Fanfaire by Krista Moser
Yellow Brick Road by Atkinson Design

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