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Continuing with the daily blog challenge, although I missed a few days due to snow and work, I'm back to pick up the pieces. Just a quick post today, as it has been a long weekend. Let's get to it. (And check out the link below to learn about this blog challenge.)

My last big push for completing a WIP or UFO, is this yellow, black, and white Yellow Brick Road quilt. These quilts blocks were actually made by by mom, but she's lost interest in the project so I'm finishing it up for her.

I love the Yellow Brick Road pattern! It's published by Atkinson Designs, and as the pattern reads, is truly "one of life's simple pleasures!" This is the fourth YBR quilt I've pieced together, with at least one more on the horizon. It's an easy pattern for beginners at least, has a surprisingly complex look once the blocks are pieced together. And every quilt I've made using this pattern looks fresh and exciting. I recommend it to any quilter looking for a fun and quick pattern for gifts.

Right now I'm in the process of squaring up the blocks, and setting an overall layout plan according to the the instructions. I secretly love my little pile of scraps, and I'm tempted to find some way to use them in a different project. (Leave me a message below if you have any ideas.)

Stay tuned and you may see another Yellow Brick Road quilt made from the collection of fat quarters to the right early 2021!

That's all for today my lad assistants! Time to get some shut because I have an early day in the quilt lab tomorrow ...binding awaits!


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Hello quilt lab assistants! I'm waist deep in a daily blog challenge hosted by Cheryl Sleboda of Check out the link below to visit all the other quilt bloggers who join me on this adventure. Today's writing prompt: Why do I sew?

It was pretty much a certainty that I was going to do some kind of sewing. Almost every woman in my family does some kind of thread work: sewing, quilting, embroidery. We're a very creative bunch! My mom had a long sewing history herself; she sewed the costumes for her college theatre shows and made her wedding dress. Even being PTA president for most of my elementary school years didn't stop her from making Halloween costumes for my sister and I yearly.

But why do I sew?

Initially, I was exclusively an apparel sewing for the longest time. Then, like my mom before me, I ventured into costumes. I was even the go-to costumer for my alma mater's theatre department for a few years after graduation. I got into quilting while I worked at a big-box fabric store. The quilting department was always in our top three best sellers, and eventually I got bit by the quilting bug. And I haven't looked back since. Plus, I can't outgrown a quilt pattern. LOL

For me, the best part of quilting is the whole darn thing! There's something about the entire process. Picking fabric, a pattern, cutting, piecing the top, quilting it... heck, I don't even mind the binding! I love looking back at a finished quilt and having that feeling of accomplishment. I wish I could say I don't have many WIPs or UFOs but... they're may be a few in the corners of my quilt lab. But most are simply waiting their turn for the longarm machine.

And the BEST best part is starting the next quilt, once the previous one is finished!

Leave me a comment and let me know why you quilt!

Until next time, gotta get back to the lab!


Check out the blog challenge here:

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Day 15 of the annual 31 Day Blog Challenge sponsored by Cheryl Sleboda of (See link below for more information.) Today's prompt is: earliest sewing memory.

Sewing in some shape or form has surrounded me my entire life as most of the women in my family do some form of the craft. My first memory surrounds a side, home-based business my mom did. The Creative Circle was the Tupperware or Mary Kay version for embroidery and hand sewing kits. She would host friends in our living room, or at their homes, and teach basic hand embroidery and cross-stitch. She made our first Christmas stockings from kits made by The Creative Circle. And for years there'd be at least one hoop laying on the couch with a work-in-progress. You can still find kits on Etsy or Amazon.

Beyond that was my paternal grandmother who made pot-holders, handkerchiefs and quilts. My first blankie was made with love from grandma. And of course, mom made all our Halloween costumes during my sister and I's elementary school years. Nothing was better than my 1920s flapper dress or the year I decided to be a California raison. Good times.

If you'd like to read about other quilters' first sewing memories, check out this link:

Until next time friends! Back to the quilt lab!


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