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2020: A Review

Two days left in the daily blog challenge. I'm going a bit of script for the last two days. I hope you enjoy it! Check out the link at the bottom to read about the other quilters taking part in this challenge.

2020 has been a year... there's many adjectives that can be used to describe it. I don't want to get into the strangeness of the year, or despair and give in to entertaining the negative aspects, because there's enough of that going around. Looking back on my calendar, although certainly different from what I had anticipated this time last year, I can be proud of my accomplishments and growth.

I took more quilt classes this year than in the previous five years combined, and got to connect with a bunch of my quilty heroes. I tried several new techniques, and a few I unexpectedly truly enjoyed. I became a board member of a local guild. I expanded my artistic and technical skills on longarm sewing machines, thanks to a part time job at a local quilt shop. I became much more comfortable with technology and how to explain it to others who weren't a savvy as myself. And I made friends ...something that seemed impossible back in April.

And did I mention I made a BUNCH of quilts?!! Quilts for myself, quilts for family, quilts for friends, quilts for the shop. Old quilts, those haunted UFOs and new quilts. SO MANY QUILTS!!

In fact, I started 2020 with a UFO Resolution. American Patchworks & Quilting Magazine hosts an UFO Challenge every year, and I joined in for 2020. I picked twelve UFOs, they picked which month I worked on them. Now I must admit, I didn't always work on the quilt I was suppose to; in fact, there were a couple of months where new projects took precedence over my UFOs. But looking back at my list, I'm pretty happy with my results. Take a look!

Okay, so I added number 13 halfway thru the year; I got tired of making masks for charity and needed to make a quilt instead. Of the thirteen quilts on the list, I completed seven of them. And number twelve got split into two quilts, and half is done. That's over 50% which is more than I thought I'd get done. And the rest will go on the 2021 UFO Resolution list!

Does anyone use a quilt calendar or quilt organizer? I picked up "The Quilter's Planner" for 2020, and I love it! There's a project tab at the back that helps keep track of where you are in your quilt journey. Plus, there's something very satisfying about being able to check boxes. It really makes me feel like I'm making progress.

I completed 16 projects/quilts during 2020. And I made a handful of new projects... more UFOs. I'm pretty pleased with my work this year.

And I have more ideas for next year, but that'll be tomorrow's post! How does your year in review look? I hope you're finding lots of positive in this strange year.

I have one more label to attach, then I'm done in the quilt lab for this year!

See you tomorrow friends!


To find out more about the blog challenge, click here:

The pretty graphic/picture at the top was done by the talented, athree23 from Pixaby:

The Quilter's Planner - check out their website at:

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