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A Loving Attitude: A Lovitude Quilt

I am blessed that I get to work part time at a quilt shop in upstate New York. (Drop by Adirondack Quilts in South Glen Falls and say hi!) But I'm even more blessed that the owner lets me flex my design skills with the incoming fabric lines from time to time. If you haven't checked the Lovitude by designer Anne Pryor, you are missing out! First off, as an artist, her work is amazing. It's bold and colorful and sings to me of warm spring days. Her Instagram page is great to follow, and she pays attention to it; I love it when artists take the time to say hi to their fans. (Hi Anne!!!) I'll put her website and info below. Be sure to check it out. Her designs translate into fabric magic.

This bright and beautiful fabric line is manufactured by 3 Wishes. It has six fabric coordinates to two different panels. One panel is a full-sized panel with a beautiful floral arrangement. You can find a free pattern design on their website for this panel. The instructions are very clear, and the only thing I changed was the pressing of the seams. I tend to open seams when there's a lot of fabric meeting a point to avoid bulk when quilting. The other panel has four pillow sized panels. Instead of making four lovely throw pillows, I made a throw sized quilt to also showcase the coordinate fabrics.

Here's what I did:

I'm an Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8) user, so opened it up and sketched this design out:

I didn't have the fabric as a download in EQ8, so I used holder colors and pictures for the fabric and panel; you can see a finished quilt picture at the bottom.

Fabric requirements include the panel, a half yard of each of the six coordinate fabrics plus a yard of white. (I used Kona White.)


Cut the panel squares into 15.5" blocks (15 inch finished squares).

The accent fabrics are cut into 3.5" stripes; the white stripes are 2.5" stripes. The white stripes will need to be pieced to get desired width.

Cut the 3.5 stripes first; sew together in the 4 different row-groupings; then cut to widths as indicated below.

The width of the row-groupings stripes are:

Row 1 3.5 (floral block) 39.5 Row 2 15.5 (floral block) 27.5 Row 3 27.5 (floral block) 15.5 Row 4 39.5 (floral block) 3.5

White stripes: 2.5 by 58 roughly

Piece according to picture with a strip of white between each floral rows. Quilt size is 58 by 64. Finish quilting and binding according to personal preference.

The shop owner's daughter, Kelsey, choose a crosshatch to compliment the strong vertical lines of the floral rows.

Here's a few pictures:

Links: (please note these are not affiliates; I just really like them and want you to find them easily.)

Anne Pryor (Artist) Instagram: @annepryor

3 Wishes Fabric:

Free Pattern for full size panel:

Adirondack Quilts:

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