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A Starry Night on Bonnie Lane

Every once and a while I get to play with an entire fabric collection; it's great fun! Introducing Pat Sloan's collection, Bonnie Lane:

Quilters everywhere have differing opinions on using an entire fabric collection in one quilt. Some see it as limiting; you only have the one palette, and sometimes the collection doesn't have a varied scope in color value and/or tone. So they'll say to add or subtract fabric to give a "balanced" color and tone feel.

Me...? Well I LOVE using the entire collection in a quilt if I can. In fact, I practice designing for an entire collection each month; click on my "Fun Stuff" tab it check them out! I find it as a challenge to create the PERFECT quilt pattern to showcase each piece of fabric. And with this collection in particular, it was super easy. It has the perfect combination of varying print sizes, a big selection of colors, and a nice mix of darks, mediums, and lights. That Pat Sloan - she knows what's she's doing! (Be sure to check out her other lines as well.)

I saw this collection when it first came in at my local shop, and immediately started having ideas. Several ideas in fact. So I sent the shop owner a little email a few mock-up designs; check out my ideas:

You'll see I choose very classic shapes for all of the three patterns. To me, this collection has a more traditional feel, and I wanted that reflected in the block choice. I also wanted to make sure there were opportunities to showcase the bigger print fabric, so there's a good mixture of piece size as well. After a little back and forth, we choose to make the first pattern as a store sample.

Take a look at the finished top: (quilt size approximately 57" by 70")

You'll notice that the layout is slightly different. That's what having a nice design wall will do for you; auditioning the final placement of blocks is a lot of fun. Here's a couple close-ups, including my favorite block (oh, how I love that yellow and blue combo):

This baby is still waiting to be quilted, but if you're in the Albany, NY area, take a little drive north to South Glen Falls and visit Adirondack Quilts to see it in person. You can also purchase this fabric from AQ thru their website (see below).

That's it for today! Back to the Lab!

~ Cynthia

Please note these are not affiliate links; I don't make any money if you click them - just wanted you to know where to go!

Pat Sloan's website: (and if you haven't signed up for her email list, then you are missing out!)

Adirondack Quilts:

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