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Favorite Tools

"... these are a few of my favorite things..." I'm in a musical kinda mood. Explore a few my my favorite quilty things!

Welcome to Day 4 of the 31 Day Blog Challenge 2021. (For a list of participating bloggers, see the link at the bottom.) Today's prompt is: Favorite Things. Let's go!

I'm listing my top three quilting items. I use these items every time I quilt. In no particular order...

Fiskars Cutting Mat - size 24" by 36"

Actually, I have four cutting mats. Two of them are these Fiskars 24" by 36". I keep one on my cutting table, and the other, which is the retired mat, now sits underneath my sewing machine. I liked having a mat there so I can do last minute or quick cuts without getting up from the machine. Neither one are this lovely shade of purple; one is pale green and the other is two sided: yellow/pink. I like picking the non-gray cutting mats; they're more fun.

Here's a link to the specifics for this mat:

The next two are used in unison together... and I also have duplicates of each because I love them so much.

The HandiQuilter Zinger and the Fiskars 5-inch Softgrip Scissors (Attach the scissors fingerhold to the zinger lanyard.)

The Zinger is absolutely necessary for me. Too many times have I walked away from the quilt lab, scissors in hand, only to leave them. Now I never lose my scissors; and they're conveniently attached to me when I need to make a quick snip. And obviously I'm a HandiQuilter user and fan.

These are my favorite small scissors too. They're very sharp, very comfortable, and just the perfect size for travel and quick cutting needs. I believe I bought my first scissors at a big box store, but had to buy a second pair when I couldn't find them in stock the next time I went looking.

Of course, please feel free to mix up what kind of lanyard or zinger, and/or scissors you like. But I highly recommend having this couple. It's incredibly handy! Here's a couple links if you're interested in learning more about them/

HandiQuilter Zinger

Fiskars Small Scissors

For more info on the blog challenge and it's participants, please click here:

See you tomorrow! Back to my quilt lab!


PS - Some of the links are affiliate links. I get a small percentage if you purchase anything, but you still get the same great price. This helps keep my quilt lab fully stocked with experiments. Thank you for your support!

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