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Illusions Sampler - Month 2

Month 2 of the Illusions Sampler introduces the new technique of applique.

Applique is defined as:

ornamental needlework in which pieces of fabric are sewn or stuck onto a large piece of fabric to form pictures or patterns.

There are several types of applique; I like to think that there's a flavor for every kind of quilter. Machine applique, hand applique (or hand-turned applique), raw edge applique, fusible applique, inset applique, reverse applique... and some of these terms can be combined or mean the same thing. But Scott Flanagan, the quilt designer makes it very easy in this skill building block-of-the-month. He has us use a fusible web product to create a raw edge version of applique. Then use a fun applique or decorative stitch to help hold it down and add interest.

The applique portion of this quilt is a circle in a square block, seen here:

With this example, we use a square of background fabric, then cut out a circle piece that has fusible web on it to bond the two pieces together. I like to use the product Steam-a-Seam Lite 2 because it's slightly tacky and allows me to remove and move my applique piece before I permanently adhere it by using a hot iron. There are several fusible web products on the market. I recommend experimenting with all of them until you find a favorite.

The block also features a bunch of half square triangles and a simple flying geese block. Check out the batik version of this month and my scrappy version below:

And head over to my YouTube channel to watch me put together my scrappy block:

Let's head back to the lab for Month 3!


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