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Illusions Sampler - Month 3

Month 3 throws a curveball into the sampler mix: it introduces the Drunkard's Path block!

Don't like to piece curves? Have no fear! For Scott has designed an applique version of the block as an alternative. It's also super easy and super quick.

I wanted to give a brief history of the Drunkard's Path block, but a quick search of it revealed a myriad of beginnings. It's introduction has been attributed to Egypt, Rome, Industrial England, the Temperance movement in America and more. It also has several different names and/or block combinations including: Solomon's Puzzle, Zig and Zag, Mill Wheel, Fool's Puzzle, and many more. Needless to say this pattern has significant history, and I'll let you wade thru the numerous stories and block designs to get a bigger picture of this awesome block.

Nothing confusing or meandering in the Illusions Sampler however! Scott offers a neat and simplistic version of the Drunkard's Path. The instructions offer both a pieced version and an applique version, which builds upon the previous month's circle applique block. Simply put, the Drunkard's Path is two pieces: the smaller convex piece and the larger concave piece. Remember the trick: concave has the "cave" or mouth of the cave opening. Another way to remember the pieces is the convex piece is pie-shaped, while the concave is "L" shaped.

For the applique version, we use a fusible web on the back of the convex/pie-shaped piece that is adhered to a square. It's a simple way to avoid having to seam curves. And it was very quick too.

For the more adventurous among us, Scott suggests a 3 pin method - one on each end and one in the middle - and stitch with the concave/"L" shaped piece on top. (Floppy-toppy!) Here's a quick video I created for the Drunkard's Path as a supplement to the block demo:

Here's the finished block both in batik (the BOM program fabric) and my scrappy version:

The two accent strips are simple half-square triangles and a rail-fence. All in all, I think this block, when using the applique Drunkard's Path, has been the fastest block to make so far.

Check out my video of the Scrappy Month 3 here:

Thanks for visiting my quilt lab! Come back to see the review of month 4.

Until next time - back to my lab!


other links:

For more information on the Illusions Sampler and designer, Scott Flanagan, please visit the Northcott website:

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