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Illusions Sampler - Month 5

So I got a little fancy with Month 5...

Before I explain my fanciness, let me back up.

I make two videos for each month of this BOM. I make a scrappy version of the BOM, both to test out the pattern but also to make a public record of the process. Plus, I make the original block as seen with the beautiful Northcott batik fabric. The batik version is only for the participants who purchased the BOM program through I store I work at. That video goes in depth into cutting the fabric and sizes and etc. It's basically replacing the in-person sew-along we were going to host each month, but due to covid aren't able to. And I don't post them publicly on YouTube because I mention fabric amounts and block sizes. Scott Flanagan has made a great pattern and I don't want to compromise his hard work by spilling the beans.

That said the scrappy version is completely public since it focuses strictly on putting the block pieces together.

So why am I telling you this? Well, I changed the pattern for my batik block version. In month 4, the paper piecing technique was introduced. And after following the instructions for the main block - a pineapple block which is pieced - I decided to create a paper-pieced version for my BOM group.

Sadly, I can't share that video with you, BUT I do have a time-lapse version of the pineapple block using scrap fabric (see right). You can find that here:

The pattern showcases a basic piecing instructions for the pineapple block, which you can see me put together in my scrappy version (link below).

As far as accent strips, Quarter Square Triangle blocks make an appearance again; first seen in month 1. And a square in a square block is the other accent strip.

Here are my two blocks, batik and scrappy:

You can find my scrappy month 5 video here:

Gotta get back to my quilt lab to prep for month 6! I hope you come back!


For more information on the Illusions Sampler and designer, Scott Flanagan, please visit the Northcott website:

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