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My Oldest UFO

As part of a blog challenge, I'm reluctantly and embarrassingly showing my oldest UFO. That's UnFinished Object for the uninitiated. Check out the link at the end to discover others' oldest UFOs.

So my oldest UFO is an embroidery project by Hoop Sisters. The pattern is called Sisterhood. It's a Celtic design using two fabrics. And the first time I saw, I absolutely fell in love with it. I didn't own an embroidery machine, but my boss at the time graciously let me use a store machine to make the blocks. Here's a link to the Hoop Sisters' website where you can purchase the pattern:

I have finished all the embroidery blocks. Everything is pieced together. So why is it an UFO? I still haven't quilted (ie put on backing) it yet. It's hanging in the "to the longarmer" pile for more than a couple years now. And it should be a relatively quick quilting. I'm only planning on doing enough stitch-in-the-ditch quilting to keep it together. It's going to be a wall-hanging so it doesn't need anything specific.

Take a look:

It was a quite a task, this project. I learned A LOT about embroidery; thread, prepping fabric, fabric placement. I'll be honest though... not planning on doing another one of these quilts. Hoop Sisters has some absolutely AMAZING designs! I just don't think they're in my wheel house. It's very dense.

I'm looking forward to someday hanging this treasure on the wall. Hopefully within the next 12 months... hopefully...

Check out the other bloggers' UFO here:

Gotta get back to the quilt lab - there's a big experiment brewing!


Check out where the awesome image above came from:

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