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New Year, New House, and New Projects

Hello my quilty lab assistants! It's been a couple months since I've posted a blog much for the daily blog challenge in December. As it turns out, buying a house, moving into that house, and fixing the house is very time consuming. And on top of that, I committed to a bunch of new projects in my quilt lab. So I've bee a little busy. Let's hit a couple highlights!

Happy New Year! ...and all those resolutions...

Welcome 2022! I'm looking forward to all the amazing plans, hopes, and dreams I have laid out in front of me. As I look back on 2021, I pleasantly surprised by how many things I and my husband accomplished this year, both personally and professionally. And we've made our resolutions list for this year too. Fingers crossed, we get just as many items checked off on the list.

Professionally, I've maintained and progressed with my YouTube Channel: My Quilt Lab. I'm just over 50 subscribers in the few months I've been working at it. It's been quite a learning curve, and there have been several hours of video editing frustration, but I continue to improve with each video. Please head on over and take a look! (And subscribe!)

I'm also doing more at the local quilt shop in South Glens Falls, NY - Adirondack Quilts. I have several classes lined up for the first half of the year. I'm hosting a couple of projects with them - HandiQuilter Club and a block of the month program (More on that below). I've also expanded my EQ8 classes with the shop, and can officially say I'm an EQ8 educator as I've signed up thru the EQ8 website with my info. Head over the Workshops tab to see new and upcoming virtual classes that I offer.

I look at my calendar for the year and am truly excited, and a little nervous about all the plans I've made. I hope you stick around to see how my adventure goes.

New year - new house!

My honey, Joe and I recently closed on an adorable ranch house in the Capital District area of New York. Talk about an adventure. We had two amazing real estate agents (see their info below) who worked with us for the better part of 6 months to find our new and first home. We must have lost out on 6 other offers along the way, but all those failures led to this gem. And we couldn't be more pleased!

Of course, being new home owners comes with it's ups and downs, but we're relishing the fact that we can paint walls, and landscape and garden, and turn our TV up loud, now that we're no longer in an apartment. We've become quite the Home Depot patrons to say the least! lol Of course the best part is we now have designated spaces for our passions. Joe has an awesome Sound office - far away from the bedroom so he can be loud. And I have a spacious Quilt Lab ...which still needs painting; when it's done I'll show pics and give a tour. I also have to mentioned our 12 year old Yorkie, Maxie is LOVING is fenced in backyard and big windows to watch the wildlife.

New Projects

I'll just mention the big one here, as it'll be the topic of many blogs to come I'm sure. Adirondack Quilts is hosting a Block-of-the-Month program with Banyan Batiks. The quilt is called the Illusions Sampler, designed by Scott Flanagan, and using Banyan Batiks by designer Karen Gibbs. Back in November the shop hosted Karen to talk about her experience as a designer and the batik process. At the end of the presentation, the BOM was announced, and within just a couple of days it was sold out!

I'm so excited about this quilt, not only because it's an awesome modern traditional design, and brilliant batiks, but I'm also making the shop sample and hosting the a sewing-along with the BOM participants. Every month I post videos on my progress with the group privately, but also have a scrappy version of the quilt to show off in the public arena. It's a twelve month program, and I'm thrilled to get to be the one who shows it off. Please check out my YouTube channel to see the scrappy version of the quilt.

Please follow along with me!

There's more fun to come! But for now I gotta get back to the quilt lab!

Happy New Year!



The best darn real estate agents for the Capital District region of New York work at the Shannon McCarthy Team. Please ask to speak with Ashley Nagy and/or Sarah Loomis if you're looking for a home, land, etc. in the area. They are awesome!

Adirondack Quilts in South Glens Falls, NY

Head to AQ for all your HandiQuilter, Pfaff, AccuQuilt, quality quilt fabric and more!

Banyan Batiks is part of the Northcott fabric line. Check out their fabric to learn more about the fabric and designer, Karen Gibbs; Scott Flanagan is listed here as well under pattern designers.

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