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My Latest Project

Hello friends! The of the year is near, and so is the daily blog challenge. Check out the link below to see all the other amazing quilters who have been participating along with me! Today's prompt is: My Latest Project. And I'm in a mad-scramble to finish up a handful of projects. Take a look!

I've been trying to finish up three projects before the year ticks away. The farthest from completion is my scrappy diamond quilt. Above is close-up of the scrappy diamonds.

I have the small dark border added, and there's a larger light floral orange border still to add. (The top middle diamond is the fabric for the outer border, the backing and binding.) I'm pretty sure I can get the topped completed, and maybe even the backing prepped. Unfortunately, this lovely lady is being added to my 2021 UFO list. (More on this list in a future post.)

The fabric is Pat Sloan's Bonnie Lane fabric line. And I used Krista Moser's mini 60 degree diamond ruler as the template for this pattern.

Speaking of Krista Moser, I did a trial run on her Fanfaire pattern two years ago. I had no intention of doing anything with it; it was mostly a test to see if I could do and possibly teach the pattern for a shop. But a few weeks ago, my best friend called to ask if I had a wall hanging for her at-home office. It's the perfect size since I only did the center diamonds; and as a bonus it matches her profession as a cantor for a large synagogue in New Jersey.

I just finished the facing-binding for it. All that's left is a label! Then it's off to the post. This beauty is definitely getting checked off the list this year!

So I got my Christmas quilt on and off the longarm before Christmas, but I only just finished the binding for this beauty today. The pattern is called Pine Hollow by the talented Amy Smart.

Originally, I was suppose to make the top right corner area for a store sample. But I fell in love with this pattern and fabric that I decide to not only finish the quilt but keep it for myself. And now I have my very own Christmas quilt!

I backed in with an olive green flannel. Take a look at the close-up pictures. I'm really happy with how this quilt turned out.

Two days left in 2020... I better get back to the quilt lab and finish up these experiments!


Blog challenge:

Krista Moser - check out her website for pattern an ruler mentioned above.

Amy Smart - her website has the pattern and video on the technique

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