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Skills I Want To Try

Welcome to day 27 of the 31 day December blog challenge. I think I've managed to average at least 5 posts a week, so I'm considering this a win since I usually only blog every other Sunday. (Check out the link below for more information about this challenge.)

Today's writing prompt is: Skills I want to try. Let's go!

I've already mentioned that I'm putting free-motion quilting on the list. I finally have a domestic sewing machine that will allow me this option, and I've only barely started. But there are a few other skills that I'm interested in exploring.

Custom Longarm Quilting

A few years ago I started rented a longarm, and I'm completely hooked! I love it. I work at a quilt shop part time that lets me help out with customer quilts from time to time. I usually only manage edge-to-edge work, but I'm eager to try of hand at some more advanced custom quilting; borders, corners, and ruler-work to name a few. Like this red Christmas quilt, I'd love to up my game in computerized and free-motion longarm quilting.

Conquering Circles

I've down a bit of curve work in the past, but I really want to be able to save I'm comfortable with curves and circles before the end of the year. The wishful modern quilter in me is always drawn to the intricate circles at quilt shows and online. I have my eye on a few teachers to take classes from, and I'm hoping the guilds I'm a part of will have a workshop or two on the topic.


I've done only a little applique work; the adhesive variety. But I'd like to learn the more traditional version of applique, needle-turned. Admittedly, I'm not a huge hand sewing fan, but this is such an iconic technique in the quilt world, plus it looks amazing when done properly, that this skill is also on my education list this year.

What do you think? Am I missing a skill to add for the new year? What are your needed skills? Let me know!

Until next time, gotta get back to the quilt lab!


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