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Dream Projects

Hey there, friends! I'm participating in a 31 Day Blog Challenge sponsored by Cheryl Sleboda along with a couple dozen other quilt-bloggers. Today's discussion topic is: dream projects. Check out the link below for details about the challenge!

Like most quilters I have a long list of dream projects, or at least hopeful future projects. Some are just mere notions still floating around the inside of my brain, and some have fabric pulled patiently waiting their turn in line at my cutting counter. So I'll pick one from each camp - a tangible project and an abstract project. Let's go!

A Tangible Project

In January of 2020 I took a couple of classes from the incomparable Victoria Findlay Wolfe. (I've gushed about these class several times in previous blogs, so go check them out.) The two classes were: Cottage Tulips and Double Wedding Ring. Initially I thought I'd use the Tulips pattern more often, but after the whirlwind of color exploration in the DWR workshop, I immediately thought of a stash of blue and yellow fabric in my collection. (I'm thinking of adding some solid blue and yellow to the collection as well; what do you think?)

So now I have a bin set aside with these lovely fabrics, patiently waiting to get cut up and thrown on the design wall. I still need to get the full melon template piece, which isn't included in the kit. (Shoulda got it at the workshop, but I spent my play money buying her fabric instead! Maybe Santa will get it for me this Christmas. Fingers crossed!) Here are a couple of Victoria's DWR quilts below. You can find these templates, fabric, kits, classes and more at her website which I'll link at bottom.

An Abstract Project

A few years ago, my husband's career took us to San Francisco; more specifically Novato and Petaluma, which are less than an hour's drive north of the bay area. I absolutely fell in love with the entire bay area. As the song says, "I left my heart in San Francisco". I can still clearly remember the first time I drove across that iconic bridge; oh Golden Gate Bridge, so beautiful, so majestic. I miss you more than I can say. Ever since then, I've searched for the perfect GGB picture to turn into a memorial quilt of that precious year in Cali. Here's my current contender:

It's a cropped computer wallpaper picture; you can find for free on several different image sites. And it was included as a background for my last cell phone, which is how I found it. I'd really love to know who the photographer is; I've done image searches a few times but only find the free image websites.

I'm still deciding on how to turn this image into a quilt. I think I want to make it a bit more abstract, less life like. And I've come across a couple of different piecing techniques but haven't settled on anything as yet. I guess I'm still awaiting the muse to give me a couple more hints before I truly get started on this project, but this is the big dream project. Stay tuned; I'm sure there will be countless future blogs on this undertaking!

What's your big dream project? Need more inspiration? Click the Blog Challenge link below to see what other quilters are dreaming about!

Thanks for stopping by. Back to the quilt lab!


Here's a few links about the blog above; I do not receive anything by listing them - they're just for your enjoyment.

Blog Challenge:

Victoria Findlay Wolfe's website:

Learn more about the Golden Gate Bridge here:

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