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My Fabric Stash

It's December 14th. My dad's birthday. And the day I got engaged 5 years ago. A happy day every year to be sure. It's also why I'm a little late posting today's blog challenge topic. "Show Us Your Stash." ...okay, you asked for it.

Nope - that's not my stash. But it is what I wish my stash looked like. Isn't this a dream?! A guild friend let me take this picture as inspiration for my future quilt lab. She has her fabric all wrapped around comic book paperboard, and clipped in place; color organized to boot. SO lovely.

Alas, I have moved several times in the last ten years. I think we're up to eight addresses now. We've never stayed in any place long enough to buy a permanent home - it's always been apartment living - so having the space and time to make a nice fabric presentation just hasn't been realistic. Now however, we are permanently placed. And high on my list of "must haves" for a permanent home is a big quilt lab, with lots of light and wall space to be thoroughly and beautifully organized. Until then, I live out of crates and boxes. There is a bit of organization, but as you can see below, it's not the pretty rainbow of above.

There are several more crates, but they are in an even less presentable stage at the moment. Someday I'll have that dream fabric stash... maybe even by the time I do this blog challenge next year!

Thanks for stopping by my quilt lab!


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