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Skills I Wish I Had - Blog Challenge motion quilting. The biggest challenge I have yet to conquer is definitely, free motion quilting either on a domestic machine or a longarm.

Hi everyone! I'm participating in a daily blog challenge for this month; today's topic is "Skills I Wish I Had." (Check out the link below to read the other blogs.) This one was really a no-brainer answer for me. I drool over skilled free motion quilts; the big Hoffman panel flowers and leaves is an absolute dream and I would love to tackle it but unfortunately my free motion skills look a lot like my preschool attempts at writing my name.

Even the picture above isn't me; it's a stock picture from Pfaff and the free motion foot that goes to my new machine. For many years I used a 40+ year old Kenmore that didn't have free motion capability, but not now. I have no excuse now. And while I realized it's just a matter of time an practice, it's easy to get discouraged to know how far I have to go before I can tackle that Hoffman flower panel.

Maybe I should put this a New Year's Resolution... Something worth considering.

What skill are you missing in your quilting arsenal? Check out what the other quilters are talking about too. Learn about the blog challenge here:

Until next time - back to the quilt lab!


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