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Top Five Gifts Ideas

Updated: Oct 24, 2021

Need a last minute gift for that sewing or quilting enthusiast? I've got your back!

In no particular order, here are a few of my favorite things, all worthy of last-minute gift giving. And available at most craft and sewing stores.

1. New Rotary Cutter and Blades

Any quilter will tell you that a new blade on their rotary cutter is better than sliced bread. And we're usually not so great at changing them out. So get your crafter a new cutter and/or replacement blades. These fellas are invaluable!

2. Rotating Mat

Not every quilter has one of these, but those that do can testify to how useful and time saving they are. Plus, because of their size, they also make a great necessity for workshops and sew-days away from home.

There are several brands, shapes and colors out there to choose from.

3. Wool Pressing Mat

This tool has become the biggest talk-of-the-town for the past couple of years. They can be a little pricey, but their reputation is worth every penny, because these guys really work well! I do all my pressing on a wool mat now; and I won't go back. And like above, because of it's size, it travels really well to workshops, etc. (And way more convenient

than even a small ironing board!)

4. Notions Gift Basket

Grab a basket and head to the notions wall at your local shop or big-box store. Grab a half dozen different items which can include (but not limited to): small scissors, seam ripper (find the ergonomic one for bonus points), thimble, fabric pencil/pen, pins, tape measure, spray starch (Mary Ellen's or Flatter), small cutting mat, thread, fat quarters, quarter inch tape, fray check, misting water bottle, hand needles, machine needles... and some tissue paper, and it's giftable!

4. Plastic Storage

I own about a half-dozen of these. They're 12 inch square and 3 inches (ish) deep. And they're absolutely perfect for holding WIPs (work-in-progress). I haven't met a quilter or crafter who doesn't appreciate an organizational tool. Some come with internal dividers for jewelry or buttons sorting. They come in other various sizes and colors as well.

5. Gift Card

Okay, here me out on this one. I know there are MANY people out there who think gift cards are impersonal or the easy way out. But I PROMISE you, if you get a gift card to your quilter's favorite little shop, they will love you for it. And honestly, if they're using the gift card to buy exactly what they want then you can't get a more personalize gift than that! And you can always spruce it by attaching a fat quarter in their favorite color, or adding it to any of the above mentioned gifts as a bonus!

Happy shopping my lab assistants!

The quilt lab is calling!


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