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Well the New Year hit me hard mid-January, and I got caught up in one thing after the other. Sorry I neglected you little blog. Let's do a quick catch-up!

When last we met I spoke about and hopes, dreams and goals for 2021. And the good news is - many of those things are what prevented me from getting back to my desk a blogging about them.

For instance, I developed and tested my first zoom class which covers the basics of Electric Quilting 8 (EQ for short). IT's an awesome program I use to help explore and design my quilt projects. I gathered a small group of awesome ladies - big thanks to Shannon, Sandy, June and Jo - who became my guinea pigs.... err test audience, for a run-through. It felt very successful and I'm currently in the process of shopping it around.

I also worked on a couple of WIPs while following along with American Patchwork and Quilting's UFO Challenge. January's Yellow Brick Road top has been pieced, the back is prepped and is awaiting it's chance at the longarm. I even have the binding prepped for fella. February's UFO is a modern sampler top that I'm attempting some straight line domestic quilting on a-la -Jacquie Gering style. (I'll let you look up her book, Walk, to see my inspiration. NO finished photos for these two projects but here's a few to wet your appetite.

Educating myself has been a huge event in the past month all accumulating in the amazing event, QuiltCon Together, a virtual quilt show put on by the Modern Quilt Guild. I'll be doing a full post JUST on my experiences at QuiltCon very soon, but I just gotta say, I am overwhelmed by the sheer creativity of my fellow modern quilters. Never have I been so inspired. Be sure to check out the MQG's Instagram page to check out all the amazing entries and winner. It's sure to please!

But unfortunately, it's not all good news. Drats! I brought home a little friend I've been trying to avoid all pandemic long. That's right, I caught COVID-19 during my blog absence. Double drats! I am happy to report however, both me and my husband have recovered and are very grateful we only experienced mild symptoms. Here's your friendly reminder to wash your hands, socially distance, and wear a mask. Sending good mojo out to all the people who've lost loved ones due to this illness, and a speedy recovery to those regaining their strength after surviving it.

I have plans for a few more immediate blogs, so I hope to see you back here real soon!

Until then - gotta get back to my lab!


Check out Mohamed Hassan for that awesome running from the clock at:

And the Covid virus image was made by Shafin Al Asad Protic from:

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Like many I usually take a week or so at the beginning of a new year to review my successes and failures, hopes and dreams of the previous year and make a loose target and trajectory for the new year. I took a little longer time this year - 2020 was challenging, and the first week of 2021 proved to be so as well - but I've had some time to do a little soul searching and I've made a few goals for the year.

Quilting and Sewing Goals

I'm participating in American Patchwork and Quilting's UFO Challenge again. (I'll list a link at the bottom.) It's a great way to touch and/or finish those pesky unfinished quilts taking up space under my cutting table and closet. They are also coupling the program with organization tips all year; I even did their first tip by getting a couple more plastic totes to keep my UFOs safe until I'm able to work on them

I also have several totes of non-quilting fabric in my closet and have vowed to make at least four (one for year quarter of the year) of a non-quilt sewing projects. I'm currently eyeing up a bag pattern I purchased in Amish country a few years back.

Teaching Goals

I've made an abbreviated teaching list and I'm currently writing outlines for each to hopefully offer to local shops and guilds. I have a small group of volunteer students to listen to my presentations and give me critiques. My first class up to bat is over the basics of Electric Quilt 8 (EQ8). Updating this website, to showcase these classes, is of course a high priority as well.

Education Goals

"If you're not growing, you're dying," a mentor once told me. And in honor of that I've decided to really buckle down on my free-motion skills this year. I finally have a domestic sewing machine that will allow me to FMQ at home; and I'm hoping to work on long arm FMQ as well. Also, with the longarm, my boss is letting me expand my knowledge of ProStitcher which is a computer program for longarm machines. Very exciting!

Business Goals

So many goals here... Major re-writes of this website are at the top of the list. I want to better showcase my quilts and quilt designs, plus a page to offer classes as well. In addition, my biggest goal is to get published this year; both in a magazine, and offer patterns of my own, both online and at the shop I work at. I'm busy working pattern layouts and learning some graphic design for easy pictorials in my pattern. Wish me luck here!

They say a goal isn't a real goal until it's written down. So there's mine! Wish me luck everyone! I think this is going to be an exciting year.

Until next time - gotta get back to my quilt lab!


I receive no monies or gifts by listing these links; just thought you'd want to know more about them!

The image above was taken from Pixaby, and was created by the talented, Anja. Click here to see more from here:

American Patchwork & Quilting UFO Challenge:

More about EQ8 here:

More about ProStitcher here:

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It's the last day of 2020's 31 Day December Blog Writing Challenge! Whoohoo! Check out the link below to find out who also participated this year!

It's been fun 2020 - 2021... Let's see what's coming your way!

No long blog for my last day. Just a quick little to do list... well, maybe not so little.

If you read the last blog you saw that I participated in American Patchwork & Quilting's UFO Challenge. It's a community of quilters who cheer each other on as we complete, or at least make progress on, unfinished projects and/or quilts. (I'll add their link below if you'd like to join as well.) And just like last year, I have printed out the list and filled in my hopeful projects. There were a few carry-overs from 2020...

I put in a couple of options for my number eleven, and saved a slot this time for a charity quilt. AP&Q announced their January number a few days ago - which was nice because I already have a quilt on the design wall and didn't really want to swap it out for a different UFO. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish my mom's Yellow Brick Road quilt before the end of January. (You can see pictures of it in a previous post from this month.) I'm really looking forward to tackling a bunch of these; there are some that haven't been touched in years, and a few newbies to keep things fresh.

I'm also working on my business... that is I'm working on getting it up and running this year. I have several patterns in the work I'm hoping to publish and shop around. I also have a handful of classes I'm developing. No spoilers because I don't want to jinx myself. But stay tuned and send me good mojo!

Like I said - short and sweet today! Heading back to the quilt next year! Ha!

Happy and Healthy New Years!


About the Blog Challenge:

American Patchwork & Quilting 2021 UFO Challenge:

The pretty 2021 graphic was created by the talented Jeff Jacobs; check him out here:

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